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Buenos Aires, Argentina

We create digital products and we focus on solving the needs of our clients by creating innovative, reliable and quality software solutions. At GM2 we enjoy what we do. We care about our clients and our talents, we take care of our relationship with them and we work every day with dedication and care.
We strive to get it right. Always. That is our reason for being. And what moves us every day to do even better.
Our goal is to be leaders and benchmarks in innovative software solutions. And that's what we focus on.
What do we do? We discover, design and develop digital products, participating in the entire product life cycle: discovery, ideation, design, analysis, architecture and infrastructure, back end and front end, being so close to the client that you can identify how your work impacts on user experience.
We have web applications (Ex: Air traffic control of drones with route management and maps in 2D and 3D. We also have mobile applications (Ex: we have one that allows us to obtain benefits from using Uber as a means of transport) and we develop custom websites and ecommerce with complex data integrations and migrations.
Before deciding which technology to use, we like to understand the problem we have to solve and decide the best technical solution that we can apply.
We work mainly with Opensource technologies, such as: Linux, NodeJs, Laravel, Python, ReactJS, VueJS, Angular, React Native and GO. Regarding databases: Relational and not relations, mainly MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis and ElasticSearch. We are an AWS partner.
To achieve the ideal combination and get the most out of these technologies, we use Macs.


Information Technology and Services

Cultural style

Innovation and dynamism

Teamwork and collaboration

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The client is in the center of the experience

We assimilate and understand our clients’ requests and business . We work to overcome their expectations and increase their satisfaction.

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We promote leadership

We communicate fluently to generate strategies and get better results.

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We engage with the people

Promoting effort and work culture.

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We focus on processes

We are efficient. We work with related management process, missionaries and support systems.

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We do it well

Besides, we seek to make it better and better. We firmly believe that the way to success is continuous improvement.

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We take decisions based on evidence

Our tracking and control processes let us get our targets.

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We manage relationships

We promote both internal and external communication so as to line up common goals.

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Excellent work environment
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Focus on developing personal and professional skills
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English classes
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Space to add value, contribute to projects and the company
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Challenging project for a US clients
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Work in a multidisciplinary and agile team
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We use the dollar as the basis of calculation and preserve your purchasing power
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Possibility of remote work
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3 weeks of vacations

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