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Medellin, Colombia

We offer the largest robot delivery infrastructure in the world by connecting businesses that want to utilize our robots for last-mile delivery.
World's leading #RobotDeliveryService.
We connect atoms in a world of data. πŸ€–πŸš€πŸŒŽ


Internet and E-commerce

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Innovation and dynamism

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Being Agile

We are fast and effective with our decision making, taking into account what is important and urgent. We do not procrastinate. We seek constantly to intelligently improve.
It takes us less than 24 hours to reply to a message.
We keep our word and meet our deadlines and deliverables.
We constantly experiment with what doesn't work and what does work to improve.

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Acting Resourceful

We act in a resourceful way for our company and society. Our decisions take into account the resources available to promptly and skillfully deal with new situations.
We constantly find more efficient ways of doing things

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Thinking Disruptive

We use our minds' capacity for judgment, conception, inference and abstraction to disrupt the world around us, we devise ways to make extraordinary the ordinary.
We ask the right questions to fully understand the situation before we shake it up.
We are ambitious in the proposals and scope that we have.

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Creating Happiness

We design a dynamic and joyful environment to create with ease and engage fully in what we do every day. We have fun developing creative solutions and solving problems.
We have a respectful (cordiality and kindness) and positive attitude towards everyone in the company.
We see challenges as opportunities.

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Loving through service

We serve everybody with care, kindness and fairness. Our actions aim always to be helpful. We constantly look for better ways to serve.
Each order for us is the most important order of our lives.
We collaborate regularly on our own initiative.

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English Course
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Mental Health

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