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Montevideo, Uruguay

Marvik is a machine learning consulting firm. Our mission is to help make artificial intelligence seamless and ubiquitous by helping companies identify opportunities, leverage their data and make data-driven decisions to transform businesses realities. We execute and deliver end‑to‑end state of the art solutions using a wide range of technologies.

We are proud members of Google For Startups, NVIDIA Inception and AWS Activate programs as well as deeplearning.ai ambassadors for our local city.

We have a team of machine learning specialists, data scientists and full stack developers that can deliver complete end-to-end solutions and are always learning and growing so we can be ready to implement and obtain state of the art results. We are specialized in Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics and Natural Language Processing.

We set achievable near term milestones with an eye on the long term vision. Our partnership is not just technical, it is wide and as deep as our clients require. We help our clients to discover and implement their vision. We aim to understand their business and deliver value from day one, building strong partnerships within the business.


Information Technology and Services

Cultural style

Innovation and dynamism

Results-oriented and market leading

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Trabajo en equipo y colaboración

Trabajamos de manera colaborativa, intercambiando experiencias y conocimientos entre nuestros compañeros para aprender constantemente y mantenernos actualizados.

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Pasión y entusiasmo

¡Amamos lo que hacemos!. Nos encanta buscar problemas nuevos e intentar resolverlos de manera creativa.

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Nos enfrentamos todo el tiempo a problemas de Machine Learning que nadie ha resuelto anteriormente. Eso nos lleva a tener que trabajar con el estado del arte e innovar en nuevas soluciones para romper con lo clásico y animarnos a ser disruptivos.

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Trabajamos con proyectos muy desafiantes y variados utilizando: computer vision, procesamiento del lenguaje natural, sistemas de recomendaciones, deepfakes, entre otros.
Nuestro trabajo es dinámico y flexible, estamos en constante cambio y transformación y disfrutamos que así sea.

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Transparencia y honestidad

Nos gusta ser claros y transparentes respecto a los resultados que podemos lograr y brindamos soluciones que ayuden a mejorar el escenario actual.

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Ofrecemos salarios competitivos, acordes a las demandas del mercado.
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Posibilidad de trabajar de manera presencial y/o remota desde la comodidad de nuestros hogares.
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Priorizamos el balance vida-trabajo para que puedas compatibilizarlo con otros intereses.
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Nos encanta investigar y trabajar con el estado del arte. Siempre buscando nuevos desafíos técnicos.
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Ofrecemos oportunidades de crecimiento a nivel profesional para que puedas desafiarte continuamente.
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Trabajamos de manera cooperativa, en sinergia con los compañeros con los que nos gusta pasarla bien!
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Ofrecemos 20 días de vacaciones al año para que puedas disfrutarlas cuándo y cómo quieras.
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Want to work with the latest technologies on projects that include Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, Recommender systems, Deepfakes and more?

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Looking for Data Scientist to research, design and implement machine learning models and perform data analysis tasks for different business use cases

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Applications from any country

Want to work with the latest technologies about machine learning, data science and more? Are you an experienced Full Stack Developer, interested in teamwork? This can be the opportunity you are looking for: What we offer? Challenging projects. Opportunity to work on-site and remote. Use state of the art machine learning algorithms and techniques. Opportunity to join a growing startup with multiple professional development opportunities. Work on stuff other people only read about. Excellent work environment, full of highly-motivated and talented young professionals. Responsibilities: Developing backend and frontend solutions Collaborating with data scientists to integrate machine learning models into different projects Being proactive in proposing development frameworks, new tools and improvements to current solutions: Python- Golang, React, Docker and cloud solutions Requirements: Advanced Studies in Software Engineering Advanced level of English Experience in software development roles Experience in frontend development using React. General knowledge of machine learning algorithms Good communication skills, proactive and eager to take on new challenges and learn new things You are a team player and have good interpersonal skills Familiarity with scrum or agile methodologies Nice to have: Python, Scala or Golang, Docker, SQL, Git, AWS (or GCP, Azure)

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