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Montevideo Labs

Divina Comedia 1631, Montevideo

Montevideo Labs is a top-rated data science and software development company, offering high quality solutions across various industries. With over a decade of experience our team of talented engineers work for top rated US companies providing tailor made solutions from design to deployment enabling clients to unleash their full data potential.
Recognized for our unparalleled business and work ethics, clients like Roku, Mastercard, Tripadvisor, Indigo Agriculture and Globalization Partners have trusted us to lead key initiatives in the areas of Big Data, Machine Learning and critical integrations using the latest technologies.
Our clients value our proven track record and state of the art solutions that add value for each organization where it matters. Our solutions portfolio has resulted in cost savings of millions of dollars and significant revenue increase for our clients.
Whether we are developing Machine Learning models that retrain, auto-tune and refresh on a daily-basis for thousands of ad campaigns, that score at the rate of 3 million API requests a second or implementing a real-time stream-based attribution system capable of linking billions of events in real time we do it with your organization's’ interests in mind.
Big Data | ML | AI | Data Science | Software Engineering | Staff Augmentation
Open positions: https://www.montevideolabs.com/careers/#jointeam
Phone: (+598) 2603 80 77
Contact email: info@montevideolabs.com
Hiring: careers@montevideolabs.com




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Innovation and dynamism

Results-oriented and market leading

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Team work
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Curiosity and Innovation
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Joy and fun
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Pool table & Game Nights!
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Lunch & Learn!
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Snacks, fruit, coffee, mate, tea available at all times!
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All the equipment you need to harness your talent!
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Flexible working options to help you strike the right balance!
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Dedicated break areas around the office!
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Great location and even greater teammates!!

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