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Montevideo, Uruguay

We help clients grow their businesses through technology services, consulting, and UX/UI design putting together creativity, flexibility, and talent across multiple industries as healthcare, government, Ecommerce, and entertainment; in more than 10 countries.

We are committed and passionate about taking on immense challenges that matter to our clients who we work with as a team to build differentiating capabilities that allow them to stand out from their competition.

We specialize in delivering projects using Agile Development Methodology that ensures constant communication with our clients and daily control of our projects and resources.


Information Technology and Services

Cultural style

Teamwork and collaboration

Innovation and dynamism

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A committed team

We treat every finalized project as confirmed proof that our team of professionals enjoy and do their best in every step of the way. Our results reflect better than anything our commitment with our clients and their projects, which we consider our projects as well.

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Living values

We define ourselves as a family because the ties that bind each team member together cross professional boundaries in an appreciative and respectful manner.

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Building a culture of trust

We encourage our team to provide solutions to any issue at hand, thereby ensuring ideal working conditions for them, both physical and emotional. From the beginning, we pay attention to the way they are feeling and adapting to Onetree. As well, we communicate receptivity and openness towards any matter that could be handled in an improved way.

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It's all about balance

This is our key to success: Having the right amount of professionalism and relaxation.

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Dynamic and flexible work environment
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Remote work
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English lessons
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Professional development with Internal workshops and trainings
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Recreation period and after office activities
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Fruits, coffee, mate and snacks
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Work with ambitious, creative and passionate people!
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We are looking for a Full Stack PHP Developer with at least 3 years of experience working with this technology to join our team. The selected person will enter a company with a great work environment and professional growth opportunities. Technical requirements: Experience in Frontend, working with Javascrypt Minimum experience required: 3 years in Tech stack PHP shop Advanced level of english (spoken and written) We will value: Experience working with: HTML- CSS- JQ JS, AWS - MySQL. Experience working with React

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We are looking for a Developer with at least 3 years of experience working with this technology to join our team. The selected person will enter a company with a great work environment and professional growth opportunities. Exclusive technical requirements: - Good experience in RN - Experience in Redux - Knowledge of GIT - Fluent English It will be valued: - Experience with Typescript - Experience in the use of agile methodologies will be valued.

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We are looking for people with at least 3 years of QA Automation experience to focus on quality control. The candidate will be in a dynamic and challenging environment, working with the latest technologies with autonomy and working with the development team in permanent communication with the client. It is an integrated profile with experience in manual and automated testing, will work supporting the development team and trying to understand more deeply the problems. Among the main responsibilities, we highlight: - Functional Requirements Analysis. - Participate in estimates. - Design and execution of Test Cases and functional testing. - Analysis, debugging and incident reports. - Monitoring of the tests until their resolution and timely escalation. - Analysis of the applications to identify improvement opportunities. - Test automation. Exclusive requirements: - At least 3 years of experience in software testing or WEB applications. - QA processes. - Knowledge in automation. - QA tools. - Fluent level of English - Proactive and dynamic attitude. - Thorough and detail oriented. - Ability to solve problems and handle unforeseen events. Possessing will be valued: - Knowledge of object oriented programming - Database management - Experience in automation tools Selenium IDE, webdrivers extensions, jUnit, etc.

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We are looking for a React Developer who combines taste for user experience with programming, and who has a minimum of 4 years of experience, to be part of our team. The selected person will get into a company with an outstanding work environment and personal growth opportunities. They will carry out Developing tasks, integrated with the team assigned to the project which will work together with the client. Technical requirements: Minimum experience: 4 years on JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Experience with React. Experience in the use of Rest APIs. Fluent level of English (spoken and written) We will value: Experience in SASS. Experience in the use of Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Pair Programming, TDD. Previous examples of responsive layout.

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