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Montevideo, Uruguay

Since we were founded in 2008 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Overactive has been providing innovative and scalable technological solutions to international clients within the Financial, Health, Insurance, Logistics and Hi-Tech industries, among others.

Headquartered in the 3rd Tower of Montevideo’s iconic World Trade Center,
we combine the experience and know-how of our 500 collaborators, who work in 9 cities across 5 countries (Argentina, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and U.S.A.) to embrace modern approaches in software development to deliver value.
We have the best talent and we can scale teams as quickly as your business requires.

Our culture is one of agility and flexibility that encourages us to always exceed our clients’ and our own expectations, resulting in credibility and trust.


Information Technology and Services

Cultural style

Teamwork and collaboration

Innovation and dynamism

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Spark creativity, is fun to be where
the action is.

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Exceed Expectations

Working with an inspiring and dynamic team, in a faster and result driven process, pays off as quality and satisfaction.

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Enjoy work

Experience and knowledge are for sharing. We are a True Technology Partner who embraces long lasting relationships, so let’s work together and build solutions.

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Agile methodology

We’ve developed our own Agile Process Framework, providing the most efficient delivery experience to our clients.

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Squad organization

Squads are the best way to set a successful capacity planning by building multidisciplinary teams. A squad is an agile team with blended skills, self organized to meet creative and production goales, make tech decisiones and reduce risk.

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Flexible work environment
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Work on cutting-edge projects for world-class client
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Personalized career plans
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Remote work
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Flex shifts
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Ongoing training and development programs

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