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Amsterdam, North Holland

Global reach, local expertise: we combine the best of both worlds to reshape the future of payments and fintech to build a world of unlimited possibilities. We successfully bridge the global and local gap by supplying ultimate global payment coverage with extensive local expertise and support.
Our vision is to create a world without financial borders where everyone can prosper. Thus, we strive to shape the payment industry of tomorrow to support global financial inclusion.
As the payments and fintech business of Prosus- a global consumer internet group and one of the largest technology investors in the world- we are a leading online payment service provider operating
in 50+ high-growth markets, dedicated to creating cutting-edge financial services tailored to the needs of over 450,000 merchants and millions of consumers.
Focused on empowering people through financial services and creating a world without financial borders, we have set out to be one of the most prominent investors in the Fintech space, with investments
totaling over $5 billion to date.
We deploy more than 400 payment methods and PCI-certified platforms to process approximately 3.2 million payments daily. As a Fintech innovator, we develop cutting-edge technologies to ensure that merchants benefit from the highest approval rates and can optimally expand their global reach.


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Teamwork and collaboration

Great purpose and impact

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Openness: Be Accessible

Think globally, listen deeply, embrace diversity.
Openness allows us to succeed globally across diverse markets and cultures. Proudly diverse. we celebrate our differences, are receptive to new ideas and are empowered in everything we do.

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Integrity: Be Authentic

Do what you say, build trust, act fairly.
Our integrity is the foundation of our decentralised business model, and is atthe hearth of how we operate. It is what makes us credible in the eyes of our customers and regulators, and ensures that we remain unique in a highly competitive environment.

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Colllaboration: Be United

Value each other, share knowledge, support one another.
Collaboration is the glue that binds us and allows us to succeed. Together, we are quicker to drive change and are more competitive in achieving our goals.

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Courage: Be Bold

Take risks, learn from failure, push the boundaries.
We are empowered to transform our business, to take evaluated risks, and learn from failure when it happens. Our courage allows us to drive change, innovate and disrupt the status quo.

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Ownership: Be Responsible

Take initiative, stay focused, see things through.
We all take ownership in the successof PayU because we act like entrepreneurs. By thinking big, we delver better work.

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He or she will support all product and technical integration related aspects of our PayU sales process with Global Merchants.

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We are looking for a brilliant, experienced DevOps Engineer to join our team and work on the company's core systems.

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