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Leeds, United Kingdom

Protect is a global leader in the design, implementation and administration of life assistance services. We create sector specific programs that support businesses in improving the experience of their end users.
Where sectors have a need for complimentary services to their core proposition, we partner to provide them in their name as the appointed administrator.
Our involvement delivers real commercial advantage through membership programs which benefit their own customers or users.
Protect programs all share a number of characteristics, they must: enhance the user experience, provide user confidence, be commercially beneficial to the member and their users, be digitally distributed and have global potential.
An innovative end to end digital platform that integrates seamlessly through APIs into members’ own platforms, enables us to deliver an enhanced user experience in their name as their administrator.
It is the practice of Protect that we have our own insurance policies through a panel of reputable insurance providers.
We operate programs in the Event, Travel, Participation, Sport, Leisure, Accommodation and Transportation sectors.
Check out our new South America Hub in Montevideo: https://youtu.be/m9opXv3ou1o


Information Technology and Services

Cultural style

Teamwork and collaboration

Innovation and dynamism

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Passion and enthusiasm

Protect is a place where people live and breathe what they do every day. It's more than a job, it's a lifestyle.

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Learning and improvement

We are an InsurTech business with technology at the heart of every solution that we offer to our Members. This means that we are always introducing new technologies to our offering which will provide learning and development opportunities

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Entrepreneurial spirit

At Protect you will not feel there is a heirarchy and there is an open and innovative environment where you can bring new ideas.

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Terrace fully equipped with a parrilla for team asados
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Quick progression opportunities due to rapid growth
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Bi-annual performance related bonuses
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Gym & workout equipment in the office
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Regular team events & yearly team conference in an international location
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Chill out rooms and terrace for working and breaks
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Personal MacBook / Developer standard laptop
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Competitive salary
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Opportunities to live and work internationally from other Protect offices

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