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Montevideo, Uruguay

Zimmic is a Software Consultant company but really we are a remote family of tech lovers and geeks that excel in all things Salesforce. We are restless, curious and perfectionists who value skills, but most importantly value good people. Our creations make a direct impact on people and businesses. Zimmic strives to always be clear, straightforward, honest, open, approachable, and looks to do our best.


Information Technology and Services

Cultural style

Innovation and dynamism

Results-oriented and market leading

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Team work and collaboration

We believe that open communication, openness, transparency and work visibility are paramount to a project's success.

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We exist to serve

We believe that Software as a service is not the future, it's our present.

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We adapt to your reality

There is no technology that fits everything so we like to carefully choose the best fit for your product.

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Your success is our success

We know that we succeed when we help you succeed

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Together we go far

We are strong believers of SCRUM and Rapid Application Development.

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Growth everywhere

Our developers are Salesforce certified and we always believe in continuous education and in the perfection of our development skills

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Liberty and responsibility

We are a 100% results oriented team, so build your own schedule to let your results shine.

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Work compliments your life

We are firm believers that life should not revolve around work and give you the freedom to work in your own time and space, happy and delivering your best results.

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100% Remote work
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Collaborative, close knit and inclusive team of profesionals
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Flexible vacations and PTO
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Salaries in US Dollars
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We work completely based on results
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Stability and growth to help you reach your goals
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Team events and activities, both online and in-person
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Any and all Salesforce Certifications
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International clientele with innovative and dynamic projects
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Horizontal leadership and empowerment
Applications from any country

Join a very talented, cohesive development team to provide top notch solutions for large, recognizable international clients. We want to meet you!

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