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Oracle Netsuite

Software Developer in Test


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We love quality, clean code and follow SOLID principles. We implement Agile (SCRUM), continuous improvement and self-management practices: code reviews, continuous integration, knowledge sharing, release retrospectives, incremental refinements, pair programming, … you name it! Our common language is English, both in the team and for communicating with our peers in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
About the team
We work in a cloud-based environment, our product is one system, one database, one API, no hair-ball. As our product is used by +30.000 organizations all around the world, we cannot put everything into a single core functionality. Therefore, we have an in-house built node npm-based JavaScript framework, which we use to build solutions on top of NetSuite Platform. This framework enables us to deliver complex applications from backend to frontend. We are focused on localization features, such as financial reporting, business processes, cryptographically signing finance documents, tax determination and tax filing through the Tax Authority’s web services. Quality is a must for us, therefore we deliver applications, which are supported by strong test automation. We have time for documentation, refactoring and innovation.

  • Your role

  • Develop automation, mostly in TypeScript and Groovy. Your participation in the applications’ architectural design will be critical for them to test.

  • You’ll be part of a scrum team that develops full stack solutions which include database schema, business logic as well as some presentation layer. The team is composed of other Software Engineers in Test like you, software developers, a Product Owner, as well as UX and Tech Writer. With our Agile Testing process, you will work with other engineers on the testing strategy for each release.

  • You will participate in risk analysis process and propose mitigation plan that will involve test automation (API’s, UI), smoke, exploratory testing and others.

  • You will work on the entire application stack, from backend to frontend using all the same engineering tools as developers. The plan will be delivered one sprint at a time as all the user stories will need to be fully tested in the CI pipeline for them to be considered completed.

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Testing automation


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QA & Testing

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Backend development, Frontend development, Full-Stack development, Software development or Web development


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Software engineering Systems analysis


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About the company

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Oracle Netsuite

Redwood Shores, CA

Leading the cloud. From intelligent business applications to infrastructure, we deliver tomorrow’s emerging technologies today, like the world’s first - and only - autonomous database.


Information Technology and Services

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Teamwork and collaboration

Clear organization and processes

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Mutual Respect

We treat each other with respect and dignity. We value the unique contributions that each individual brings.

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We work together to make things the best they can be. We collaborate, share ideas, and give constructive feedback.

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We welcome new ideas and dare to try new things. Problems are solved where creativity and technical expertise meet.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our top priority. We make every effort to understand their needs.

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We strive for excellence. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards and always try to improve.

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We uphold the highest standards of moral behavior and we act ethically at all times.

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We are honest and make responsible decisions. We speak up for what is right.

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We share knowledge effectively with one another. We respect the need for confidentiality regarding certain information.

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Training and learning
Oracle Netsuite
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The SuiteCloud Platform group is a diverse family of smart, innovative, caring people - invested in our customers and the community!

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Oracle Netsuite
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Oracle NetSuite the world's best cloud-based ERP service with unified financials, supply chain, order management, e-commerce, all in one platform!

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You will be part of a scrum team that designs the architecture and implements full stack solutions, mostly in TypeScript, that include database schema, business logic as well as some presentation layer work. You will use existing methods and best practices to develop new techniques as appropriate to create features and platforms with the highest levels of security, reliability, efficiency, and scalability. The team is composed of other software developers like you, Software Engineers in Test, a Product Owner, as well as UX and Tech Writer. You will work closely with other development teams and product management.

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Oracle Netsuite
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An experienced consulting professional who has a broad understanding of solutions, industry best practices, multiple business processes or technology designs within a product/technology family. Operates independently to provide quality work products to an engagement. Performs varied and complex duties and tasks that need independent judgment, in order to implement Oracle products and technology to meet customer needs Required Qualifications: Experience with defining requirements for complex customizations and integrations Graduate of Business Administration, Accounting, Engineering Strong Communication Skills Passion for driving Customer satisfaction Customer Facing Soft skills 2 years of consulting experience. Preferred Qualifications: 2-4 years of experience relevant to this position including 2 years of consulting experience preferred. Preferably, with strong Advanced Accounting or SCM background. Previous experience in a similar role (functional area).

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