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Austin Software

Austin, Texas

#Who we are
Austin Software isn’t a factory, we’re a talented group of software developers from around the world and we work in a better way: no fixed priced contracts, no sales driven deadlines, and we don’t survive project to project — we partner long term with development teams in the U.S. that are a good cultural fit. We’re happy to fire bad clients.
Traditional factories have conflicting economic incentives and developers suffer the consequences— work extra for less. Our business model means Austin Software succeeds when your career grows; our incetives are aligned. If you are tired of software factories and you consider yourself one of the best developers of your peers, apply to join us, and help us change the factory culture.
#How we work
- Flexible work from home policy
- Developers deserve the best tools, we invest in the top 16'' MacBook Pros for all team mates
- No sales driven deadlines; go ahead, plan your work, we know time estimates are never 100% accurate
- Know exactly how much money you take home relative to what the client paid
- Grow your skills by working on core technology and products long term — not project to project
- Improve your leadership and communication by working directly with engineering team in the US, no sales person between you and your success


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Estilo cultural

Sentido de equipo y colaboración

Organización y procesos claros

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16'' Macbook Pro
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Work Directly With Development Teams in the US
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Flexible Work From Home or Remote

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