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At Chiper we are on a mission to empower corner store owners to earn more money and become more competitive as businesses.

Unfortunately, corner store owners are stuck replenishing their store’s the same way they have for decades. The consequence of having to do business in a fragmented and opaque purchasing system, results in store owners spending excess time, labor and working capital.

At Chiper, we have built a custom-tailored e-commerce ecosystem that offers the fastest delivery, widest selection, and most competitive prices.With Chiper, corner store owners are empowered to make smarter purchasing decisions, earn more and become more competitive as businesses.

Founded in 2018, we continue being a young company with a long journey ahead. We have set audacious goals so we can become essential for our customers, the B2B ecosystem, and continue raising the bar on service levels for the entire region. Our expansion plan is aggressive, so far we have operations in five cities across Mexico and Colombia, with the launch in Brazil coming soon.


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Our customers are always first

We do everything in our power to keep our promise to every customer and stakeholder. Our team works relentlessly to solve any problem that might put at risk our customer’s trust in us.

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We are extreme owners of what we do

We make sure things are done right. We organize so our teams are empowered to execute on their responsibilities. We create the conditions necessary to increase the speed at which we work. Learning to work smart, rather than just hard.

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We raise the bar in everything we do

We consistently challenge ourselves in everything we set out to do. We truly believe that it is possible to consistently improve by leveraging our creativity and that of our teams.

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We never stop training or learning

We are athletes and we demand only excellence of ourselves in order to improve our capabilities. We view every day as an opportunity to better prepare ourselves, take on new challenges that arise and be ready for when new opportunities arrive.

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We are missionaries with a common purpose

We do what we do, because we enjoy it, because we want to generate a positive impact in the world. We are here because we envision a better world and would like to add our grain of sand to this movement.

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We have a founder’s mentality

Like founders, it is imperative that our company can grow in a sustainable way. We invest aggressively in initiatives that we believe in and carefully use our capital and resources to be effective and efficient in our work.

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We do everything with design in mind

We design everything. Our team invests countless hours to developing profound understanding of our users in order to translate these into memorable experiences our customers have with every interaction.

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A diverse team made of extraordinary people
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Investment plan for your own learning
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A career development plan
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Medical plan
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100% remote work from anywhere in the world
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Computer and internet stipend
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Life Insurance
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Day-off on your birthday

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