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Moove It

Montevideo, Uruguay

Moove It is a leading software development company that designs, develops, and deploys custom solutions for organizations that want to make an impact through technology. Offering partnerships that go beyond technology, Moove It developers work collaboratively with clients to build superior digital experiences for global advancement.

Moove It provides web and mobile application development, enterprise product consulting, and software development services for a variety of industries, including finance, education, healthcare, and IoT. Founded in 2006, Moove It has offices in San Francisco & Austin (US) Cali (Colombia) and Montevideo (Uruguay).

Our Way

We are team players. Great things can only be achieved through sustainable, professional and robust collaboration. Every individual’s point of view, expertise and initiative contribute to creating amazing software solutions.


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Estilo cultural

Sentido de equipo y colaboración

Innovación y dinamismo

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Quality over Quantity

That's the key to our philosophy. We strive to deliver the best service and highest quality products by constantly reviewing and improving every aspect of our process.

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Strong Relationships

We build strong and trustful relationships with our clients and encourage close bonds among our team members.

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Passion and Commitment

We work with passion. We are enthusiastic about the work we do and the products we help build. We respect our clients. We put ourselves in their shoes, always listening intently to understand opinions that diverge from our own and contribute new ideas.

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Team over Individuals

We are good team players. We think that great things can only be achieved through a sustainable, strong and professional team. Every individual’s point of view, expertise, and initiative contribute collaboratively to create something valuable.

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Happiness and Flourishing

We seek to continuously improve ourselves and develop our potential. We cultivate and foster the three L's: listen, listen, and listen. Working hard and having fun in the process is our key to success. We flourish because we love what we do!

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Continuously learn, help others and improve personally and professionally
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Collaborate on challenging projects that have positive impact on people’s lives
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Partner with top-tier clients that truly believe Agile is the only way
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Work with the latest technologies
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Flexible working hours
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Work from home
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Daily fruits and breakfast
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Have a relaxed working environment, cool offices, and an open-minded community
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Monthly team building activities (company outings, team sports, after office, etc.)
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Significant health insurance discounts. Full coverage for employees with +3 years in the company.

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