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Montevideo, Uruguay

Qualabs is your key partner for Video and Pay-TV software outsourcing.
We are a nearshore professional services company that develops agile solutions for the PayTV and video industry. Our experience includes broadcast and OTT platforms, multi-screen apps, monitoring, subscriber management and conditional access systems in on-premise and multi-site cloud deployments.
Our understanding of the industry and our agile methodologies enable us to work in integrations, custom developments and proofs of concept. We work in full stack development for both internal use and public facing sites and applications.
Our main tech stack includes Python, Django, C++, HTML/CSS/JS, React, Elastic Stack, Docker and Linux.
We are partners of AWS, AWS Elemental, Verimatrix and Google Widevine and we are integrated with Wowza Media Systems and Apple Fairplay.


Servicios y tecnologías de la información

Estilo cultural

Sentido de equipo y colaboración

Innovación y dinamismo

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Honesty and straightforward

We are honest and straightforward between ourselves and our clients.

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Curiosity and seek to add value

We are curious to understand the globality of the business. We seek to add value to others areas.

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Be better

We do restrospectives of processes, conversations and results. We want to understand and thoroughly analyze how to be better.

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Proactive, techinical, relational

We are proactive at a technical level, finding solutions and adding value but also at the at a relational level, asking for opinions, listening to the needs of our collaborators and clients.

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Share information and knowledge

We share information and knowledge. We make time to help our teammates.

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Share and celebrate our achievements

We share and celebrate our achievements. Our greatest pleasure is our customer´s satisfaction.

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Excellent work environment
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Flexible schedule
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Training and learning
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Recreational activities

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