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Simplex Software

Buenos Aires

We are Simplex Software: A boutique nearshore software development firm focused on the level of quality and personalization we dedicate to each and every project.
We offer the services of custom software development and dedicated IT staffing to companies around the world. Our objective is to be strategic partners from the very first day, adding value to every project instance, and growing together with your company.

We’re detail-oriented, and welcome any new challenges; we characterize ourselves as being able to adapt to the requirements of any organization, no matter the industry.
Our culture doesn’t just focus on providing talented software engineers, we also strive to incorporate them as core members of your engineering team, and we encourage teamwork first and foremost.

As a company we keep up to date with industry trends and best practices, being sure to continue working and training ourselves in any advances in the industry, and new languages, frameworks and technologies.
We’re primarily experienced in mobile development, web applications, backend development, Blockchain engineering, MVP and prototype development, QA, and data engineering.


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From the first to the last line of code, we always push ourselves to deliver a solution we are proud of.

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Constantly training and renovating ourselves to lead in emerging markets.

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Committed to deliver the best work possible in every project and with every client.

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We love what we do, and when you enjoy what you do, the rest is easy.

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We grow by challenging our own decisions and unifying goals with our clients.

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Remote Work plus 8-hour Workday
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Free Books and Free Udemy/Coursera Trainings
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