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Montevideo, Uruguay

We are driven by a strong desire to make top quality cybersecurity available and accessible to every enterprise, being it big or just starting up.

Hacking doesn’t occur only twice per year so why do we only pentest in Q2 and Q4?

At Strike, we secure worldwide enterprises by connecting them with cybersecurity professionals through Continuous Pentesting, integrating ourselves with their management and communication systems to help in triaging and fixing the discovered vulnerabilities fast.

With Continuous Pentesting, your assets remain tested every day by the top cybersecurity professionals across the globe.

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Our Brand Promises:
- Top quality security
- Democratization
- Fast service



Estilo cultural

Innovación y dinamismo

Gran propósito e impacto

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Be honest

Always be honest and transparent about what is happening and what we think, both internally (Strike’s workforce) and externally (companies who trust and rely on us).

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Stay humble

It doesn’t matter how much one may know, or how good at something one is, there is always someone that is going to be more knowledgeable. Keeping your humility will allow you to be open-minded and grow both personally and professionally by listening and interacting with others.

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We do it together

We work as a team and everyone is part of what we are doing. Strike couldn’t be and won't be great if we don’t work as a team, so helping and interacting with each other is a priority.

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Before you blink

Act and help others fast. This implies doing things as fast as possible but always in a thoughtful manner without delays in the process, so that the people and companies that work with us are aware of the vulnerabilities and how to fix them as soon as possible. Don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

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Pasión y entusiasmo

In line with “We Do It Together”, we always motivate each other and are there to help, to let the other person know that anything can be achieved as long as we are committed and establish a plan to get to where we want to. This, as well, includes teaching each other and connecting with relevant people that could help in achieving what the other person wants.

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Strike hard

Since the first day Strike was born, we knew we wanted to impact strongly in people’s life and companies for good. Everything we do, is taking into account this: innovating and adding value to generate true impact which helps change things for the better.

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Own it

This has to do with responsibility. Each person here has responsibilities and although we use believability weighted decision making, the one who owns, is allowed to think freely, research, and get to a solution with their own approach. This value is also strongly related to taking responsibility for what you do.

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Impacto en la sociedad
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Trabajo remoto
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Excelente ambiente laboral

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