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Prague, Czech Republic


We're Trisbee and we're here to simplify people's lives! We want businesses to be able to accept cashless payments without hassle, fast and easily. And we want users to be able to have an app that allows them to pay, get paid and earn cashbacks with every payment.

Our goal is to fight for financial inclusion, to push back against the monopolies of card networks charging crazy fees to merchants, and to bring an amazing payment alternative for everyone.

We're expanding internationally. We have ambitious goals, we want to be the number one payment solution in Europe, LatAm and Africa and we want passionate, creative and hardworking people to join us and help us make this goal come true!



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Join us, but really join us :)

We're looking for people that are creative and eager to learn, but most importantly, people who are proactive and take initiative, people who are not scared to share their ideas and opinions, who like to actively contribute to what we're building and become a part of it.

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Freedom is yours, but be honest and responsible

We don't want to chain you to a boring office job. We want you to thrive, learn, grow and be free with us.
But for that to work, we need people that are honest, truthful and transparent. We need people that take responsibility for their tasks, successes and failures.
Honest communication and accountability is what makes us successful and helpful to our customers.

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We're a startup :D

You know what you're getting into: lots of fun, lots of freedom, growth and an amazing team.
But also lots of failures and lessons; after all, we're a startup.
You will have to be part of this as much as we are. Accept the failures when they come, grow from them and come out of it stronger.
This is the key to success and to being an incredible team :)

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Enjoy the journey and have FUN

Not everything is work. Not everything is deadlines or releases. Have fun.
Yes, we want dedicated people, hardworking people that will give their best and be a great add to the team, but we also want people that like to have fun. Let's all grab a beer, play paintball or simply do a BBQ.
This is also how we build a great team and company ;)

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Remote work
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Career development
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Flexible schedule
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Impact on society
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Excellent work environment
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React, Typescript, Next.js, styled-components, Github Actions, Docker, Google Cloud Run, Node.js, private npm packages

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